I changed the bra.
My shape was changed.
It changed my mind.

Underwear Fitting Salon

Underwear Fitting Salon where
you can experience “change”.


  • STEP 1

    Professional fitter will listen to your

  • STEP 2

    Advice on the perfect underwear and size.

  • STEP 3

    Know the correct way to wear it and feel
    the effect.

Available for exchange and return of bras purchased online.
It is also OK to try on products
that cannot be
exchanged or returned when purchased online!

Online Store

Let’s solve the worries of body with underwear!

A private, one-on-one bra fitting session


before the fitting

  • Concerned about changes in body shape
  • I haven't measured my size in a long time
  • Somehow the bra doesn't feel right

after the fitting

  • Style up with the right bra
  • Change the way you dress
  • It's not tight but it doesn't slip easily even when you move

From Advisor

The silhouette changes drastically just by changing bra that suits your body. We will suggest products and sizes that suit your needs, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Experienced Users' Voices


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Salon Information

Salon Information

The salon is by reservation only.
Please make a reservation in advance.

  • TOKYO Aoyama

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    From Advisor

    Please feel free to visit our salon at any time if you are having trouble choosing underwear.

    [Phone number] 03-5843-0993
    [Business Hours] 10:00-18:30*Last appointment at 18:00
    [Access] 3F ACN Aoyama Terrace, 2-12-33
    Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061
    *a 8-minute walk from Gaien Ekimae st.(Exit 3) on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    *a 10-minute walk from Omotesando st. (Exit A3) on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
  • OSAKA Shinsaibashi

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    From Advisor

    We will help you with bra size suggestions and beautiful bust make-up. Don't hesitate to visit us.

    [Phone number] 06-6484-6682
    [Business Hours] 10:00-18:30*Last appointment at 18:00
    [Access] 3-4-22, Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku,
    Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0081
    *a 3-minute walk from Shinsaibashi st. (Crysta Nagahori Kita Exit 8) on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line(Shinsaibashi st. Exit 2)
    *a 2-minute walk from Nagahori st. (Crysta Nagahori-kita Exit 5) on the Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line
  • Online Consultation (Zoom)

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    [Business Hours] 11:00-11:30, 15:00-15:30 , 16:00-16:30, 17:00-17:30
    For more information

    Please select "Online Consultation (Zoom)" from the store selection when you make a reservation.
    ▼ You can experience such services
    (1)Information on HEAVEN Japan underwear and size selection
    (2)Checking about the condition of the bra being used
    (3)Advising on how to wear the underwear
    *Please check your own size in advance.
    Click here for how to measure the size

    *We will send you a "confirmation email" describing how to connect to ZOOM (video call) and password before the reservation date.
    *Please make a reservation by the day before.
    *Counseling and advice can be done in clothes or underwear.
    *Since the advisor is working in the same space as other staff, you may hear the voice, but please rest assured that the video cannot be seen.


    Flow of the Fitting

    • 1

      Coming to a store
      (requiring a reservation)


    • 2


      Please answer the counseling sheet that will be sent to you 3 days before the reservation.

    • 3


    • 4


    • 5

      Advising products/sizes at store

      Available to buy products at sore.

    • 6

      Leaving a store

      About 30-60 mins


    We are also available for consultation
    with the products purchased at the salon.

    We are providing personalized service
    to each and every customer in order to offer
    a better life with underwear that truly suits you.

    Q & A

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • QIs the try-on free?

      AYes, it's free. Please feel free to come by.

    • QHow long does the fitting take?

      AIt takes 30 minutes for trying on 1-2 items and 60 minutes for trying on 3-4 items.
      Please select a menu for 30 minutes or 60 minutes when you make a reservation.

    • QDo I have to purchase the products
      after fitting?

      AJust fitting is also fine.
      First of all, it is important to know the underwear that fits your size and bust, so please feel free to visit us.

    • QCan I bring a companion?

      AIf you have a companion (children etc.), please write "with companion" in the requests column of the reservation form.
      *If the companion also wants to try on, reservations are required for each.
      *It's a women-only salon. If the child is a boy, only children under elementary school age can be accompanied.
      Please note that we may refuse entry of companions depending on the congestion situation.

    • QCan I try on the products during
      a breastfeeding/pregnancy?

      AWe recommend wearing it 3 months after you finish breastfeeding.
      The bust during pregnancy and breastfeeding are in a very delicate state.
      Also, the size changes easily, so if the bust is tightened too much,
      you might feel painful, and it might cause mastitis or a milk duct obstruction.

    • QCan I try on the products during my period?

      AThere are individual differences, but before and during menstruation,
      the breasts are stretched and the size increases.
      If you try to fit it while your busts are tight, the size will not fit when the busts return to normal size.
      We recommend that you visit us after your period is over, or even during your period, when your bust is not tightened.

    • QCan I exchange/return the products purchased from online shop?

      AYes, you can also exchange/return the products even at stores.
      Please choose the course “Fitting service (exchange or refund)”.
      Please check below.
      ・Items eligible for exchange or return
      ・Within 1 week from the arrival of the product
      ・Try-on within 10 minutes only

    • QCan I buy products without fitting?

      AYes, you can also buy at stores without fitting.
      If the staff is busy, we will keep you waiting, so if you make a reservation with a course “Product Purchase”so that we can guide you smoothly.
      For first-time customers and customers who have been fitting for more than 3 months, we recommend that you make a reservation with "Advice Fitting" so that we can suggest the best underwear for you.

    • QWhat payment methods can I use?

      ACredit Card (VISA・Master・JCB・AMEX・Diner・Discover)
      PayPay, Yucho Pay, Alipay, au PAY, D payment, LINE PAY, Merpay, WeChat Pay, Rakuten Pay

    • QI don’t have enough time, but can I just try on lightly?

      ACounseling, measurements, and fitting are essential in order to propose an appropriate underwear that fits your body.
      Please tell the staff that you don't have a lot of time when you make a reservation or when you come to the store.

    • QDo I need to take off my bra in the fitting room?

      AYou can keep wearing bra when we do fitting.

    • QCan I try on shapewears (girdles) or panties?

      AYou can try it on over your own panties.
      Please refrain from trying it during period.

    • QDo you have all the products at stores?

      AWe have most products except of outlet products.
      Please ask us when you have any question.

    • QI think I will be late for my reservation.

      APlease contact the salon where you made the reservation.
      TOKYO/Aoyama : 03-5843-0993
      OSAKA/Shinsaibashi : 06-6484-6682

    • QI want to cancel the reservation.

      APlease contact the salon where you made the reservation.
      TOKYO/Aoyama : 03-5843-0993
      OSAKA/Shinsaibashi : 06-6484-6682

    • QIs it okay without a reservation?

      AThe salon is by reservation only.
      Please make a reservation in advance.
      We also accept reservations by phone.
      If you visit us without any reservation, we might not be able to accept the fitting.

    • QI would like to visit the salon, but I can not speak Japanese.

      ADon't hesitate to visit us! Japanese speaking staff advices you a size/product,
      however we are preparing for English catalog etc. Please make sure to make a reservation before you come visit.
      If you have questions, you can ask us anything before you come so that English speaking staff can answer you.

    • QWhere can I check my store purchase history?

      AOnce you register as a member, you can also view your store purchase history as well as online purchase.

    • QDo points have an expiration date?

      APoints are accumulated according to your membership rank when you purchase in store or online etc.
      Every 1 point can be used as JPY 1.
      Please check the following for the expiration date.
      (birthday point) 60 days from the date of grant
      (purchased point) 450 days from the date of grant
      (salon visited point) 365 days from the date of grant